Thursday, September 26, 2013

Crochet Top or Pull Over

The perfect pair for leggings.  I'm a big girl and often have a hard time looking for something to wear with my very comfortable leggings.  I was inspired by etsy seller KnottyLoop for this wonderful pullover.  I decided to give it a try and see what I came up with.

from KnottyLoop collection on etsy

It stretches a bit, so if I want it to be longer, I can just pull it down.  I had left over yarn so I made a matching hat with it and umbrella case.  As you can see, I made the arms shorter and about 4 inches slit on each side.   Perfect top for fall or spring.  

Hancock Fabrics in Macon Georgia was having a sale on their yarn.  I grabbed 4 pool of this pistachio green yarn.  It's a bit a heavy.  I was going to make an area rug but got inspired to do this quick kaftan or pullover instead.

I thought of the pattern as I was going along.  To make it plain and simple, below is a diagram of what I crochet.  

The pattern begins where the blue star is.  so you are actually beginning the crochet pattern at the bottom corner of the sleeve.  This pattern is for xl.  See below of Large and Medium size.

To begin the pattern chain 120 for your foundation
Row 1 - ch 3 and dc in 4th chain from hook,
*** chain one, skip stitch and dc in next
 Repeat *** till end of row

Row 2 - chain 2, turn and dc in between post 
chain one, dc in between post 
(repeat row 2, until you have 12 rows

Row 13
chain 1, turn and 2sc in between post (until you have 20 sc, which equals to 20 stitch for the arm)

chain 80 
from the end of this row, count 20 stitch and sc in the 21st stitch till end of row

Row 14
chain 1, and sc in next stitch till end of row.

Row 15
Repeat Row 2 Twelve times

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crochet Afghan

Just got through watching a movie entitled "Loosing Control" (starring Miranda Kent in this 2011 film) and had to capture this crochet afghan that was on the movie set.  Notice there are three different patterns.

chevron pattern

granny squares

and typical crochet

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