Friday, December 14, 2012

iPhone Covers - Handmade Crochet - Free Pattern

I used medium worsted yarn.  Red Heart Super Saver, what you'll find at your nearest walmart.  I think its the cheapest yarn out there in the market.   You get over 300 yards for $2.47 and sometimes the price hack up to $2.77
The size needle hook I used is F/5 3.75 mm
Gauge:  21 chain is equal to 5.5" without stretching it
Row 1:  21 chains.  Connect ends to form a circle. sl st
Row 2:  Chain 1 - counts as sc (single crochet).  sc in the next stitch 'till end of row.  sl st
Row 3:  Chain 1 - counts as sc.  sc in the next stitch 'till end of row.  sl st.
Repeat Row three 14 times. 
Last Row is for the Loop: 
Chain 1.  counts as sc.  sc 5 times.  At the 5th sc chain 15 and sl st in the same stitch as the 5th sc, or at the current stitch.  Continue to single crochet 'till end of row.  Secure yarn inside the cover. 
For the Bottom
Line up the stitches and sc to stitch close. 
Finishing touches
cut remaining yarn and secure inside the bag.
You're all done.   Simple and nothing complicated about that.
Option:  Using two different colors.
I like to mixed and match two colors often.  and to do that I just used two rows of one color and one row of another.
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