Sunday, January 12, 2014

Crochet Halter Top

I try to live life without regret.  But I do regret one thing.  and that is, I wish I was making these when I was younger, meaning, I wish I could still wear crochet halter top.  I'm gonna have to hit the gym more often.  So to let you know, I crochet these halter top as if I'm making them for my self.  I love seeing the combinations of colors and use of other yarn materials, from acrylic to 100% cotton.  So when you do buy any of my halter top, you know you are getting a product that's literally made with love.

The craft store "Michael" had sale on their yarn.  This chocolate brown and burnt orange one below are with their yarn, Impeccable or Impecable.  The spoon of yarn comes in 268 yds and weight 4.5 oz.   Although its 100% acrylic yarn, its really soft and easy to crochet with.  and I will definitely choose this yarn compare to Walmart Red Heart Super Saver yarn.   The Super Saver yarn is a bit stiff but perfect for crocheting covers for your Nook or Kindle or iPad devices.

I combined four yarn with this piece. and I heart the outcome.

My beads finally arrived and they are back in full force.

who doesn't love 100% cotton specially home grown US cotton.

this is another Impeccable yarn by Loops & Threads
its acrylic but its soft and perfect for halter tops.

one of my favorite beachy white with sprinkle of summer colors

another Impeccable yarn 
The only regret I have is not getting more.


  1. I love them all!! Can I ask....where did you get the patterns?

  2. Hi - Can you please provide the pattern for these tops? I would love to make them. Thank you!!


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