Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FREE Crochet Pattern - Single Crochet

Here's is a simple, easy to follow, easy to create crochet pattern.  Introducing the single crochet video tutorial.  Have fun and enjoy another FREE Crochet Pattern by Haniyyah.

Endless things you can create with single crochet.  Because with single crochet, you can form, squares, triangles, circles and other shapes. 

Nook or Kindle cover sleeve
using single crochet pattern. 
Follow the pattern below to create your very own.

For a well fitted Crochet Sleeve for your ereader like Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire...

Start with 50 chains
connect each end to form a circle.
Second row is single crochet.
Repeat rows of single crochet 'till you reach 7.5 or 8 inch height.

to form the latch for the button.
the last row of single crochet, should be as follows.
12 single crochet, 20 chains, then continue to single crochet on the next chain.  this will form your latch to go around a button to secure your device inside.
Close the bottom of the sleeve by sewing using the same yarn with crochet needle. 
last thing to do is to attached your button by sewing it on.

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