Friday, May 9, 2014

Yarn Hunting at Michaels

I really am a creature of habit.  For a long time, Walmart was my choice of yarn shopping.   I didn't think of other stores.  But my etsy shop is doing so well and I had extra on my budget for yarn so I decided to check out Michaels. Luckily, they were having sale on their "Impecable" yarn.  I gave it a try, only to find out that I truly love using this yarn.  It's the right thickness for my crochet halter tops.  Lots of hues to choose from and it just glide so smoothly  on my crochet hook.  Making crocheting even more relaxing an easy.  The original price is $3.49 each but I have caught them on sale for $2.50 each and that is when I rack up on my stash.

Impeccable Impecable is my choice of yarn at Michaels

I even purchased a roll of wrapping paper for $1 and wrapped this box with it. 

Here are some of my crochet halter tops using the Impeccable 

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