Friday, April 20, 2012

FREE Crochet Pattern for Wacom Bamboo Tablet Crochet Jacket

Sold my last sleeve jacket for Wacom Bamboo Tablet.  So I made more.  check 'em out.

Wacom Bamboo Tablet Sleeve Jacket, Cover, Case or Bag

Begin with 60 single chain.
Connect the chain to form a circle. 

single crochet to each chain link. (this should be your 2nd row)

the third row is double crochet.
( I used two colors, so you can really see the pattern of this pouch)

repeat single crochet row and double crochet row, 'till you have 14 double crochet rows
and 14 single crochet row.

The 15th single crochet row will be the row to form the latch to go around a button to secure your device inside.

How to form the latch.
After the 14th row, begin the 15th row with single crochet and when you get to the 15th single crochet, (which is the middle of the bag) single chain up to 20, to form the latch and then continue to single crochet to the next chain to the end of the 15th row. 

that's the end of your bag,  Now, you just secure the end of your sleeve by tying a knot and addding a button. 

Oh Yes, you do need to close the bottom of the bag.  I usually used a big thread and needle to close the bottom of the sleeve. 


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