Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's Spring in Macon

I had to snap these photos of my Rose Bushes in my front yard.   One reason to look forward  to in spring. 

Rose Petal

Pink Rose

Complete Bloom of a Pink Rose

Working as hard as a Bee

Lighting is very important when it comes to taking photos of my handmade products to sell on  That's why I leave it to nature to give me the perfect balance of light.  And today while conducting a photoshoot outside by my garden, I noticed a Bee working as hard as I am and enjoying the spring here in Macon Georgia.  The first flowers to bloom in the yard were the Rose bushes and oh my they were delightful to see.  And last week the pink flowers you see below began to bloom and attracted Bees.  I don't bother them, specially after the hype of the Bees disappearing, I actually welcome them to my flowers. 

Pink Flowers and a Bee

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cross Stich Crochet Pattern

I have been on YouTube lately trying to find some new pattern to learn.  and I found one.  Its called cross stitch pattern.  Below is the video and the images of my newly discovered pattern. 

this is my newly found crochet pattern called Cross Stitch
by CrochetCrowd of YouTube.  He has plenty of video tutorials check him out.

Nook Covers latches

So I'm going viral with my Nook/Kindle Crochet Covers.  I have to admit that my ideas comes from various etsy designers.  They are truly my inspiration.  I just know how to crochet from long long ago.  And now that I can actually create something with crochet,  my artistic spirit has sprung from a long slumber.  This hobby can get addictive and expensive.  And thanks to etsy, I'm able to balance this addiction to something productive.  I have officially sold 5 of my Nook Crochet Covers on etsy.  and each time it tickles me that someone actually adimirers my pieces enough to purchase them.  I am truly thankful and hopefully my customers do enjoy my creations.

Anyway, ever since I've figure out how to crochet a simple Nook or Kindle covers, I have been trying to experiment the best way to add a latch to help enclose the device inside.  Check out my different latches that goes around a button.

Latches one - just a simple single chain to go around a button

here you see that I'm trying to create a double stich, and even a wider width on the blue crochet nook cover, still going around a button

this is what I'm raving about lately.  I've learned how to not just a crochet sleeve cover, but a crochet sleeve cover with handles.  I luv it. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Affordable Packaging idea for your handmade products

I wanted to take my handmade crochet sleeve jackets to local boutiques around town for consignment sales.  But I know they needed to be display in a representable way.  And with little and limited budget...  I knew I had to find a way to package my handmade crochet items affordably.  I think this is perfect.  So I googled packaging ideas and came up with this idea #1:

I want to mimmick this packaging idea.  I already have my crochet sleeve jacket inside a clear plastic bag.  The plastic bags are actually sandwich bags.  they are affordable and it only cost me about $2.75 for almost 100 in quantity.  So the only thing left to do is create a graphics for the label, fold it half and staple it in place.  check out my labels below. 

I just superimposed my label on the original photo so you guys can get an idea of what I'm talking about. 

and since I have two sizes of crochet sleeves,  I created two distinct designs.  keeping my logo on focus. 

As soon as I get them printed, I will post the actual packaging.
I can't wait.  So excited.

Coffee and Doughnuts

I love Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee.  They seemed to have figured out how to make the perfect coffee.  I even sit at Starbucks with a starbucks cup drinking Dunkin Doughnuts coffee.  Yeah... I know... But Krisy Kreme embodied the art of the perfect doughnuts. 

yeah... I could eat a couple of these right now.  and yeah... I want to thank the angel who gave me a coupon for buy one dozen and get one dozen free.  There goes my diet.

Anyway back to hooking

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nook Color, Tablet, or Kindle Fire, Crochet Sleeve Jacket Cover Case

I was going to wait to crochet some sleeve for Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire because wanted to make sure that I have the right dimensions and the right fit.  I'm a picky in that sense.  but after going on line and researching the dimensions of the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire they are actually the same size as my Android Tablet.  So I created these sleeves and posted them on sale on my etsy store. 
So if you are looking for a sleeve for your Nook or Kindle, look no more.

handmade crochet sleeve jacket for your ereader device like Nook or Kindle fire

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to do with left over yarn?

I try not to be wasteful.  And whenever I get a chance, I recycle and put old things to use for new things.  I had some left over yarn from crocheing so many sleeves lately.  And I didn't want to simly discard my leftover, and somehow like a bulb that switch on, why not crochet some flowers and will put them to use in the future for whatever projects. 

I've seen people who have applied crochet mini flowers to handmade bags, hats, headbands etc...

I've also seen them layered them as shown above. 

I've also seen them in multiple colors like these I've crochet.

I've seen an etsy seller uses them as coasters.

Here a video tutorial on how to make small crochet flowers.

Ereader Crochet Sleeve Jacket

Loving my new hobby right now.  Because I have all of this tech gear and I'm putting my skills to use. 

Purchase this pc tablet from ebay last year and I could never find an exact size for sleeve jacket.  I don't know I didn't think of this sooner.  I actually purchased a jacket on ebay and it was two inches bigger.  I was disappointed so I tried crocheing one but it didn't turn out as awesome as this one.  So now I'm hapy that my ereader is safe inside its very own crochet sleeve.

I've been totting this tablet more and putting it to use more frequently because I can now carry it without having to worry to scratch the surface.

I got the idea of clasping around a button after seeing some on etsy site.

HTC Wildfire Crochet Sleeve Jacket

After the Nook, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, I still couldn't stop crocheing, and thus my cell phone, HTC Wildfire Smartphone is now snugling with its own crochet sleeve jacket.

Did I mentioned I do have an Etsy Store.  Link to the right. 

Wacom Bamboo Sleeve Jacket Cover Crochet

I also crochet a sleeve for my all new Wacom Bamboo Tablet.  From all of this crocheing, I haven't had time to really play with my new drawing tablet.  Will add that to my list.

I didn't used a button for this sleeve.  Because when I was making it, I didn't have any buttons.  So I crochet a button.

I used a real simple pattern for my Wacom Bamboo Tablet.  and I must say, "I do like it."

planning on making more.

Finally a blog

Now that I've finally started a new blog to post all of my creative ideas, I can clear my pc from all of this pictures, that I've been taking lately.  I recently caught the crochet bug.  And I've been hooking nonstop. 

I just bought a brand new Nook Simple Touch by Barnes and Nobles and didn't want to spend extra money on a sleeve.  And the creative deity in me opt to crocheing one.  And it led me to opening an etsy shop and posting my Handmade Crochet Sleeve on ebay also. 

Here are some sleeve I've made lately.

Pumpkin Orange Sleeve or Cover for Nook Simple Touch

Turquoise Teal Sleeve or Cover for Nook Simple Touch

Orange and Teal Sleeve or Cover for Nook Simple Touch

#1 Best Seller on

#1 Best Seller on
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