Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nook Covers latches

So I'm going viral with my Nook/Kindle Crochet Covers.  I have to admit that my ideas comes from various etsy designers.  They are truly my inspiration.  I just know how to crochet from long long ago.  And now that I can actually create something with crochet,  my artistic spirit has sprung from a long slumber.  This hobby can get addictive and expensive.  And thanks to etsy, I'm able to balance this addiction to something productive.  I have officially sold 5 of my Nook Crochet Covers on etsy.  and each time it tickles me that someone actually adimirers my pieces enough to purchase them.  I am truly thankful and hopefully my customers do enjoy my creations.

Anyway, ever since I've figure out how to crochet a simple Nook or Kindle covers, I have been trying to experiment the best way to add a latch to help enclose the device inside.  Check out my different latches that goes around a button.

Latches one - just a simple single chain to go around a button

here you see that I'm trying to create a double stich, and even a wider width on the blue crochet nook cover, still going around a button

this is what I'm raving about lately.  I've learned how to not just a crochet sleeve cover, but a crochet sleeve cover with handles.  I luv it. 

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