Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What to do with left over yarn?

I try not to be wasteful.  And whenever I get a chance, I recycle and put old things to use for new things.  I had some left over yarn from crocheing so many sleeves lately.  And I didn't want to simly discard my leftover, and somehow like a bulb that switch on, why not crochet some flowers and will put them to use in the future for whatever projects. 

I've seen people who have applied crochet mini flowers to handmade bags, hats, headbands etc...

I've also seen them layered them as shown above. 

I've also seen them in multiple colors like these I've crochet.

I've seen an etsy seller uses them as coasters.

Here a video tutorial on how to make small crochet flowers.

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