Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Car Steering Wheel Crochet Cover

It just came to me last night to make an handmade crochet cover for my steering wheel.  Because I'm lazy, I didn't want to search for a pattern.  But I did have a stitch in mind.  So I quickly watched a Youtube video on the shell stitch.  There's no tutorial on YouTube for it, so I had to figure it out on my own.

Here's what I did to crochet my steering wheel cover.

I began with 135 chains.  Formed a circle with a slip stitch.
Then I Single Crochet in each chain, till end of row.  complete this row with a slip stitch.

for the next row (2nd row)  Begin your shell or fan stitch.
ch3, insert 4 dc in same stitch.
*  skip 2 stitch, sc in next stitch, skip 2 stitches,  insert 5 dc in next stitch.
repeat * till end of row

Row 3 - repeat row 2
Row 4 - You gonna want to increase on this row.  So instead of 5dc for your shell stitch, use 6 or 7 dc for the shell stitch.
Row 5 - Repeat row 2 (5dc for your shell stitches)
Row 6 - Repeat row 2 (5dc for your shell stitches)
Row 7 - sc in each stitch.  (decrease in each 5 stitch) and you're all done.
Optional:  Row 8 sc in each stitch.

Securing your cover to the steering wheel.  This is very important.  You must secure your cover to the steering wheel to prevent slippage.  You do not want to loose control of your steering wheel because your cover slips.

I had about 2 yards left on your yarn when I finished my pattern.  I didn't cut this part, instead I crochet a long chain of tail.  So after installing my crochet cover, I used that to zig zag to in and out to secure my pattern to the steering wheel.  and then I tucked in the rest.

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