Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Packaging my etsy items

I wanted a cheap and affordable way to package my etsy products without looking to bootleg.  and I end up with this. 

I first tried square labels but I thought it would be much more appealing to use circle labels. 
I wanted to save money on my packaging system.  So I opt to just use black toner and regular paper.  I slip the label inside the plastic bag and tape it.
The plastic bags, I buy from my local grocery store.  I get about 75 bags for about $2.  You can find them in your ziploc bags area.  But these are not ziplock bags.  They are just regular platic bags.  and I love them.

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First time using Search Ads on

So I have made a new record sale this month.  But I have almost 200 items on sale on my etsy shop.  I wanted to take advantage of the Holiday Shoppers, and I felt I needed to get more visits to my etsy shop.  I have been reluctant on using the search ads.  But because I made extra money this month, I felt I could afford to spend a few bucks on advertising.  I thought it was going to be so difficult and I thought I had to learn a whole bunch of shit.  But it was soooo freaking easy. 

I set my budget to $7.00 per week for 5,600 impressions.  So will see what that will generate.  The best thing about it, is the ability to stop or make changes to my ads at any time.  And they automatically deactivate your ads once your item is sold.  Because in this case I'm advertising a specific item and not my shop. 

will update this post with the result on a day to day. 

Handmade Crochet Baskets

I was surfing the other day and found some handmade crochet baskets.  I just had to try to see if I could make one. 
I had already make some face clothe for me so I just made the basket big enough for them to fit inside.  and omg!  I love it.  Now I can display these in my powder room. 
I haven't made up my mind to make them for sale.  Right now, I'm just enjoying them.

I made another one with left over yarn.  Just something to hold my make up.
Handmade crochet basket

Why I love selling on etsy

Ques:  Why do I love selling on etsy?

1.  Its so affordable.  It only cost $0.20 cents for each item you list.  and the list last for 3 months.  With ebay, it's base on the how much your item cost.  So if I'm seeling something for $5.00 - $10.00 on ebay, it can cost me from $.35 cents to $.70 cents per items.  It only last for 7 days and they charge more for 10 days or longer.  and on top of that they charge a percentage if you made a sale.  And then ofcourse, paypal takes its fee.  After all that its not worth it selling my handmade stuff on ebay. 

2.  It's so easy to use.  You don't have to fill out this long ass form like they do on amazon.  They make it so easy for you.  With whatever items your selling has to be already listed, unless you want to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.95 and on top of that they charge so much if you make a sale.  Although it cost nothing to list an item.  For example, I listed a used book for $9.00 and they want to charge me over $3.00 if I made a sale!  Its really hard to make a profit with   That's why I love etsy.  and I hope they don't change any time soon.

3.  and I'm actually making money selling my crochet items.  This month my total sales is over $300.00 that's a new record.  I started my etsy shop this January.  and I'm lovin it.
I was celebrating like crazy when I reached the "100th item sold"  and its not eve the end of the year and I'm at 180 items sold.  I luv it!!! and I love etsy
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa's iPhone Case Cozy Cover

Had some left over yarn from a custom order and so having the Holiday Spirit, I ended up making some iPhone cozy just for Santa. 

iPhone case cozy cover - for Santa!
the lip folds just like santa's hat rim.

Mrs. Claus iPhone Cozy.  with handles of course, just the way Mrs. Claus likes it.

iPhone case cozy cover approved by Santa

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Pittbulls Magazine Cover

I just couldn't help myself. I love my puppies and they deserv their very own magazine. Here is the cover and will be posting the entire magazine once it's completed.

Puppies Magazine featuring The Rico & Heatlor on the December 2012 cover.
I love my pitbulls.
inspired by People Magazine cover

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