Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The next evolution of my crochet dog sweater

In my last post, I crochet my Princess a dog sweater.  Which is the first time I ever did that.  And I learn and updated the pattern a little bit while keeping it simple.   I made her mother, Toot, her very own sweater.

The Changes:
  1. I use one collar of yarn to connect the granny squares.
  2. I use the same color pink for the neck area.
  3. Instead of two rows of dc, I use 3 rows of dc for the neck area, to make the turtle neck a bit longer
  4. I also added a shell edging for the neck.

Below is a diagram of the dog sweater.
I hope this helps.  
I am planning on uploading a video tutorial on how this is done.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Follow the link below.

click the image above to view a larger size.

Crochet Dog Sweater

I've been crocheting lots of granny square but haven't figured out what to make out of them.  So they have been accumulating in my basket.

Well, my Princess, my blue and white pitbull, got hives yesterday.  I gave her golden seal and two hours later, I noticed they disappeared.  The next day, I let her out on the backyard to do her business and she comes back with hives again.  I again gave her two teaspoon of golden seal tea.  and again they slowly dissipated.  So today, I didn't want to let her out the backyard because I was trying to figure out what it was that was causing the hives.  So I took her in the front yard with leash and as soon as we step-off the stairs and into the yard the hives began appearing on her hind legs.  So I figured it was the cold that was stressing her and causing her to get hives.

So I thought of creating her some kind of cape to go over her back using the crochet granny squares.

here she is, my Princess

The first stage of the cape or crochet sweater.
I noticed that her shoulder and neck is too exposed.  So I decided to crochet around the opening for the head and add a collar.

the other side

Here's the sweater with the added collar.  

and I crocheted a long chain for the string to hold the bottom.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Crochet accessories for fall and winter season

I used to dread the cold season but now I find myself looking forward for it.  That's because crochet accessories like hat, scarf, gloves and boot cuffs have made the cold season tolerable and fashionable.  In no time, I can crochet a simple hat and scarf and in an evening I can crochet myself boot cuffs and fingerless gloves to wear for the next day.   I want to share these patterns with my blog readers.  and for you Youtubers, there will also be video tutorials.  So make sure to follow my blog to receive updates of my next posts.

crochet boot cuffs, bootcuffs

crochet fingerless gloves
crochet fingerless gloves

Friday, November 14, 2014

Crochet Pattern for Face Scrubbies

Here's a simple crochet pattern for Face Scrubbies.  They are perfect for removing make up, makes perfect gifts and simple and easy to make.  Best of all they will fill up your Christmas stockings.

crochet face scrubbies

crochet face scrubbies

Monday, November 10, 2014

Evolution of my yarn stash and craft area

For those of you who have been reading and following my blog, you know my yarn stash humble beginning.  I can still remember being so happy just to have a spool of yarn or two.  I'm thankful for my yarn stash and hopefully it will keep growing.  I feel that I have much to learn when it comes to crochet and yarn variations.  But I am happy and thankful where I am at this point.

So check out the growth of my yarn stash/crochet area.

In February this year, I posted this image of my yarn stash.
As you can see, it consist of a collapsible fabrick chest container, with a few spool of Red Heart and Impeccable yarn, along with some completed crochet halter top.  I was so proud of this back then.  

Posted this in July of this year. My yarn stash continue to grow along with my etsy shop.  So I needed more storage and organization needs.  I wanted to accomplish this on a very tight budget.  I used plastic milk crate that were sold at Walmart.  and here is the result.  It serve its purpose for a while.

Last month, October, posted the photo below.
But still my work was all over the house.  It's in my home office, bedroom, living room, dining room, etc..  I had to find an area just for my crochet stuff and etsy shop.  So last month, I began to try to really organize.  and was inspired by Youtube users who use Dollar Tree to organize everything.  and I gave it a try.  

This month of November.
Although I love the outcome, but I had more crochet stuff to store and yarn to stash. so I continue this process.  I bought more plastic bins and baskets.  and I bought another 5 tier shelving unit and instead of putting a whole new shelving unit,  I decided to go up and increase the height of my current shelving unit because I was out of horizontal space.  and it turned out exactly how I imagined it.  So instead of having a 5 tier shelving unit, I have a 6 tier shelving unit.  I love the outcome and will probably settle for this for a while.  So check out the update of my newly organized crochet area.

the other two shelves that were left, I turned them into a small bookshelves and placed my tv on top it.  In total I have 26 plastic bins from Dollar Tree.  

that's what I did with the left over shelving unit.  I placed it on top of this desk and placed my tv on top of it.

Glass container from Dollar Tree, I use to organize my buttons.

more buttons and things finally organized.

my shipping department. 

But to really get the idea, of the evolution of my craft area, see my previous post

and watch the video below on how it looks now.  Although it's not as fancy and I didn't spend thousand of dollars for my craft area, I am very proud of it. In total including the shelving unit, I spend only $100 bucks or less organizing my yarn stash crochet craft area.  and that takes skills.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and remember to follow my blog and subscribe to my Youtube Chanel

Monday, October 27, 2014

Crochet Mug Cozy with splash of colors

I wanted to add some spunk to some of my crochet mug cozies in my etsy shop.  and I love the results.  Check 'em out.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Organizing my craft room with Dollar Tree

I have been inspired by YouTube users who organize with Dollar Tree.  So I gave it a try and here are some results.

My yarn is everywhere.  On my bed, living room, chair, desk and on top of things everywhere.  They needed to be contain.  and I love what one Youtube user said:

"It's okay if you have outgrown your organization.  Change it!"  she says.  and so I did and stayed on a budget.  So check out my new yarn organization system.

I filled my 5tier shelves with these baskets from Dollar Tree to organize my yarn.  
and the the square basket I use to organize some finish goods.  and I'm a happy crocheter.  

Love these baskets because they are flexible and I can fit two per shelve.  It's hard to find specific basket to fit these shelves  and I didn't want to get the cube shelving unit.  These are less expensive and much easier to put together.

Bought some mason jars from Dollar Tree to help organize my buttons.  But I also use some recycled glass containers and salt and pepper shaker to hold my crochet hooks.

Hope this gives you ideas to help with your organization needs.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My buttons have arrived! Plastic vs. Wooden buttons

Yes, I racked up on buttons this year.  and I added these cute wooden butterfly buttons.  Check them out on my crochet mug cozies. 

I wanted to embellish my cozies  with something that will set them off from the rest.  I think I made the right choice.  Love these cute wooden butterfly buttons.  As soon as I can, I will definitely order more.

And if you have been following my etsy shop, you probably have notice that I don't use plastic buttons anymore.  That's right, after watching this documentary about plastic and how it's so destructive for our ocean, I'm trying to do my part by not ordering, buying, or using plastic buttons. Beside there's just something about wooden buttons... they match everything, just about and I love that one day they will bio-degrade, unlike plastic.  

So if you see some of my etsy products with buttons, that's because its been there and unsold.  But I assure that everything that I crochet now-adays, if needed, I use wooden buttons.

I am always thinking of ways to upgrade my etsy shop and staying environmentally sound.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Granny Square Sofa Throw or Afghan

I'm still going crazy for granny squares.  But here is a simple project that I made during the weekend.  I used scrap yarn to piece this quick afghan together.  I crocheted granny squares with 5 rows and connected them as I complete one.  Its only 3 rows of granny squares,  Long enough and wide enough to cover where people would normally rest their head on the sofa.  I love how it turned out.  It reminds me of a quilt.

You can see how many granny squares I used to get my desired length.  It's 8 across and 3 the other way.  So far one of my favorite pieces.  Because I don't really like to do big projects.  I often never complete them or runs out of yarn. 

oh, and as you can see, I also crochet a 4 rows for the border using the granny square stitch technique of 3dc in each space. 

For granny square tutorials check my YouTube videos below.
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and follow my blog for more crochet tutorials.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to organize your crochet hooks

I'm always looking for better ways to organize my craft area.  and here's a simple tip.  I use an acrylic make-up organizer for my crochet hooks.  It's been hiding in my bathroom closet, no longer use for its original purpose.  I thought that it might be perfect for my growing collection of crochet hooks.  and I like the turnout.  Check it out.

notice the altoids container, I use that for my crochet needles.

Love all the little compartments in this acrylic organizer.
I have a place just for my bamboo crochet hooks, the aluminum collection, and even area for my tape measure, scissors, and few buttons and etc.

I would love to see how you organize yours.  comment below

Friday, September 5, 2014

Crochet in the set of ABC Mistreses

TV + crochet 

I love that color on her.  Notice that her make up even flows with the crochet top

Crochet Granny Square Video Tutorials

Here are a compilation of my crochet granny square tutorials.  From your classic granny square, solid, and round center granny square.  Check 'em out and enjoy.  Leave comment and let me know what you think.

Video tutorials are best when learning crochet for the first time.  Hope you guys enjoy them.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Free Clipart - Ball of Yarn and Crochet Hook or Needle

Here is another free image, you guys can use for whatever.  Because I can recall, when I was looking for free clipart that I could use for flyers or banners and couldn't find a free one.  You either had to purchase or buy one.  So I just snapped a few images and every now and then, I upload some that I've edited already so they are nice and clean and crisp.  Enjoy!

Oh, these are high resolution images.

crochet hook

aluminum crochet hook

ball of yarn and crochet hook

pink ball of yarn and crochet hook

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#1 Best Seller on Amazon.com
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