Monday, September 26, 2016


Organizing my yarn area.  
When I moved into my new apartment.  This old furniture was left behind by previous owner.  I didn't have the energy to move it out and turned it into my new craft area.  For now it will serve it's purpose.

Crochet crop tops

I love this crop top.  It is easy to make and now I'm making them using 100% cotton from Hobby Lobby called "I Love this Cotton".

This top is available for purchase on my etsy shop.

Completed Crochet Projects

A spool of yarn from Hobby Lobby can make few handmade crochet items.  Items like some mug cozies, water bottle wristlet and cell phone sleeves.  Quick weekend projects or in my case a couple of episode Showtime show "Power".

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thrifstore find, before and after

My small jewelry collection needed some organizing.  I've been inspired by etsy jewelry organizers and decided to visit a local thrift shop in Byron GA and found this.  It must have been an old spice rack or some sort.  

Bought a white glossy spray paint.  Found a spot outside away from things to spray it.  Let it dry and a few minutes later it was ready for some screw hooks and hung it in my bathroom.

Found the hooks at Walmart hardware department for a couple of bucks.  and they came in several sizes and colors.   and I am planning on using them on another thrift store find.

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