Tuesday, January 29, 2013

free frame flower pedals

I love frames.  I wanted to share this frame I created today.  Its late January and flowers have begun blooming early and some have already fell to the ground.  I didn't want to waste their beauty so I created this frame to share to all. 

I used the same pedals and made it a bit more rectangular in shape and added som red berries and as you can see changed the background.
They are high resolution JPEG images, so you can save and type your favorite quotes or sayings in the center.

I couldn't stop the flow of creative juice, so here's another freebie.  
You can use this frame for all sort of stuff, like wedding invitations, bridal shower etc... 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

iPad Mini crochet cover - handmade case

After a whole year of crocheting covers for my etsy shop, My taste preferences and my urge to create all kinds of pattern, have evolved to minimalist and modern crochet pattern.  I tend to stick to simple single and double crochet techniques.  and I think they work very well.  given all of the varieties of colors and yarn available in the market, there's really no need for extravagant  and complicated designs.  So after a whole year and I think I've grown and not tamed.  :)

iPad mini cover or case - handmade crochet

Basket Weave crochet pattern for Mug Cozy

In my previous post, I posted a horizontal basket weave mug cozy pattern, this is the vertical basket weave mug cozy pattern.  and I do like this pattern much better.

Basket Weave Mug Cozy

I've done mug cozy in basket weave crochet pattern before and I think I might have to stick to the original.  The one pictured below is done in horizontal.  I started with 34 chains and then follow through the basket weave pattern but I think I like the vertical basket weave better. or maybe if I would have added a row of single crochet border, it would have been suffice to my liking.

Simple Mug Cozy

Maybe is the Virgo in me, that loves this minimalist mug cozy in its natural hue.  Its simple to make and the best accessory for any mug or cup.

Mug Cozy

Charcoal grey mug cozy.  They are a perfect gift for that masculine friend of yours, who love their cup of joe, or that minimalist friend of yours or that modern and sophisticated office associate of yours.

Red and Blue Mug Cozy

The best thing abut Mug Cozies is you don't need a lot of yarn.  they are perfect for gift giving.  Create four of them and they become a perfect house warming gift.  or crochet one for an office associate birthday party, Christmas gift and the list is endless.

Simple Mug Cozy crochet pattern

I used a G needle and medium worsted yarn.
begins with 30 chains 
3 rows of double crochet
go around the pattern with one row of single crochet.  connect the two corners with 4 chains and create a loop using 25 chains on one corner.
attach a button and you're done.

Mug Cozy

I don't know what you call this pattern.  But I use it only rarely.  

Mug Cozy using double crochet stitch

Mug Cozy handmade crochet using double crochet stitch, working in the back stitch.

Mug Cozy - Basket Weave crochet pattern

Mug Cozy using the Basket Weave crochet pattern.
in rich Royal Blue

Friday, January 18, 2013

My 4th Crochet Pattern ebook

I haven't seen any royaltie's check from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles but I'm so excited with my sales that I've launched my 4th ebook on crochet pattern. And as I go along, I'm learning a lot when it comes to publishing.  I've designed hundreds of print materials, including magazines and all sorts of books, but I've designed them for print version, so when it comes to designing a book for e-books and e-readers, it gets a bit challenging, when it comes to formatting. 

But no more of the formalities, I just wanted to show you guys my new e-book and its now available at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com   Here are the links.

in Amazon.com
in Barnes and Nobles

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's wrong with facebook?

I just tried to log in to my facebook account and somehow, I can't seems to get in the log in page.  Did they get hacked? 

#1 Best Seller on Amazon.com

#1 Best Seller on Amazon.com
Crochet Patterns by Alicia Miranda

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