Monday, May 20, 2013

#1 Best Seller in Needle Work

I feel like I just reach a mile stone!  I cannot believe that i am #1 Best Seller in Needle Work!  on   Amazing!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Added new cell phone cozy on my etsy shop

I finally took the time today to add more products on my etsy shop.  As I stated on my previous post, I bought some Red Heart "LOVE" yarn, and I truly love the way it feels.  It feels like it has silk added to the yarn without dragging or giving it much weight.  So it glides smoothly on my crochet hooks.  and I ended up making new cell phone cozies.  so check them out.  I love the bright rich colors.

and yes, I got these beautiful new wooden buttons.  They are so beautiful and their natural hues allow me to use them on  all my cozies.  I love the decorative slight carving detail.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Added new mug cozies in my etsy shop

I went to Walmart and found some new yarn.  It's still Red Heart, but with LOVE edition.  and I love the feel of this yarn.  Red Heart yarn Super Saver is probably the most inexpensive yarn out there.  For $2.77, you get over 300 yard for each spool of yarn.  and other's you'll pay much more and with less yarn.  I chose Red Heart Super Saver, because its sturdiness is perfect for making crochet covers for my tech gadgets.  It's too soft or fluppy.   But I really do love this LOVE edition of Red Heart.  and as you can see they have great color selections.  Check out my mug cozies, I recently crochet with this yarn.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My simple studio

You may wonder what goes on in my studio.  No secrets here.  
But a simple white poster size paper board, that I use as a backdrop and my desk lamp to hold it in place.  My dresser sits next to a window to allow natural light, and that is all I need for lighting.  

As for a camera.  I use a point and shoot digital camera.  Sony cybershot, that's about 5 years old or older.  

This is my the gorilla tripod is a must for travelling techies.  It comes very handy and can be easily attached on branch or anything it can wrap its three legs with.

Here I'm showing the larger tripod

comparison between the small and large tripod

Sony Cybershot, charging and battery, with my sony card reader.

you can easily attach and detached your camera to the tripod with one click and simply slide out.  

without the attachment 

push the circular to release the camera from tripod

the attachment on the tripod

and because its digital, take photos in different angles and maybe even change the color of your paper background and be creative by adding props.  

Hope this help with your endeavor.

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#1 Best Seller on
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