Thursday, December 27, 2012

Textured Ripple Stitch

I found this great ripple stitch online. I just had to give it a try.  I actually gave up the first time I tried it.  But I really wanted to recycle my cans so I made covers for them.  check them out.   and the video and link where I found this great crochet pattern.

I'm going to make another for the third can, its going to be soft white.
Here's the link to how to make this textured ripple stitch and the video below

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crochet Pattern for Mug Cozy, Mug Warmer, or Mug Hug

I've finally completed the crochet pattern for a mug cozy.  And it's available for $.99 cents at or click HERE for the link.

Let me tell you a little bit about this pattern.  This mug cozy pattern is very simple to crochet.  It consist of mainly double crochet and single crochet stitches.  What's unique about this pattern is, I've designed it, without the need of a button.  Because I'm always having a button dilemma.  But I've also included an alternative to use a loop for a button.  In this crochet pattern, you'll find techniques to add uniqueness and varieties to a simple mug cozy crochet pattern. 

So, without further due... Crochet Pattern for Mug Cozy by Alicia Miranda

Read it in your Nook device.  CLICK HERE
Did I mentioned its only for $.99 cents

Monday, December 24, 2012

How to publish with Barnes and Nobles

I just recently figured out how to published an e-book with Barnes and Nobles.  I do believe that one day all books will be read on some time of digital format like the Barnes and Nobles Nook or Nook Simple Touch. 

Thanks to Barnes and Nobles, it is now so easy to publish your e-book and begin selling in as little as 24 hours. 

The first thing you want to do, is have your book ready for format and your book cover ready to go. 

About formatting:
I had no idea that your book format should be as simple as possible.  I was using state of the art layout program like Serif, QuarkXpress, and even Adobe inDesign, but the best tool is really Microsoft Word.  I was use to creating layout for print and had no idea that when creating a layout for e-book, it should be lite as possible.  If you book exceed 30 mb, it will get declined.  So I had to convert all of my images in my book to 500 pixels.  My book is heavy in images.  It contains lots of diagrams and figures and etc...  But after reducing my images resolution, it was less than 10mb, which is what I needed to upload to 

Book Covers:
Your book cover must be in JPEG, and should be at least on the side to be 1000 pixels. 

Registering with PUBIT is easy.  You just need credit card (but won't charge it) and bank account information so you can receive your royalties for e-book sales.

Here's a screen shot of my e-book on barnes and nobles website.

click HERE to purchase or check my e-book

Friday, December 21, 2012

Cover for Nook Simple Touch or Kindle - Handmade crochet

Cover for Nook Simple Touch or Kindle - Handmade crochet

Red and Pink 
The Red is double crochet and the pink is single crochet
with a single crochet handles.

Handmade crochet cover for Nook Simple Touch

Handmade crochet cover for Nook Simple Touch
I wanted to see how it looks with a flap.  But I'm not that thrilled with it.  I like it better without a flap and just a latch that goes around a button to secure my e-reader inside.

Purple and White Mug Cozy with flower motif

Purple with White Trim Mug Cozy.  embellished with a white crochet flower motif.  Secures with a button.  Mug cozys are the latest trend in craft world these days and they are going hot on   Of course I sale them too.  Check out my etsy shop, click my link up top.


iPhone Tote Bag in handmade crochet

Very cute and adorable, handmade crochet bag for iPhone or iPod Touch.  I love the handles.  

Cell Phone Cozy - Handmade Crochet - Black and white

Cell Phone Cozy - Handmade Crochet - Black and white

Draw String Bags for iPhone or iPod Touch Cozy

Draw String Bags for iPhone or iPod Touch Cozy

Drawstring Bag for iPhone or iPod Touch

Drawstring Bag for iPhone or iPod Touch
Handmade Crochet
Had a button dilemma.  Had to figure out a way to make an iPhone bag without and still secure the phone inside.  I think these bags are much better than the ones I made with buttons.  The drawstring really secure your phone inside and acts like a tote, to help you carry your iPhone with ease.

and of course, its light weight, well made, machine washable and makes a perfect gift or fundraising idea.  or just make one for yourself.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Organizing my work area

Bought these at walmart (3 sets of shelving unit)
the great thing about them is, they are really made for the garage stuff, so they hold pretty heavy stuff without bucking so far.  Made of hard plastic.

so all this must fit in that shelving unit.

Filled up!

much better, now I can get to work.  It holds all my desktop printers, including my epson 11x17 printer, office supplies and shipping supplies, more office tools like my paper punch hole machine, book binding machine, paper cutters, and so much more.
I paid about $20 each unit, so this 3 set is about $60 bucks.  not bad.

Wacom Bamboo Tablet handmade Crochet cover in white and red

Wacom Bamboo Tablet handmade Crochet cover in white and red
check me out on my etsy shop

Wacom Intuos4 Extra Large Pen Graphics Tablet PTK1240 (Google Affiliate Ad)
Wacom Tech Corp. KP701E2 Intuos4/Cintiq21 Art Pen (Google Affiliate Ad)

Wacom Bamboo Tablets Handmade Crochet Cover

Wacom Bamboo Tablets Handmade Crochet Cover
in Cherry Red and White

Mug Cozy in Blue and White Stripes

Mug Cozy - Mug Warmer - Mug Hug
by this time, I feel confident about my mug cozy pattern.

Mug Cozy in Blue and White with Flower motif - handmde crochet

Mug Cozy in Blue and White with Flower motif - handmade crochet  
made with 100% Acrylic Yarn using Red Heart Super Saver.

#1 Best Seller on

#1 Best Seller on
Crochet Patterns by Alicia Miranda

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