Friday, October 5, 2012

Kindle Cover Handmade Crochet Orange and White

Using two strands of medium worsted yarn to get this effect.  Its a Kindle cover or Nook cover in pumpking orange and soft white.  Its easy to make.  It consist of singel crochet (sc) stitch and 1 chain alternating.  It only takes me about 30 minutes to fully complete one.

as you can see if fits my Nook Color snugly and with plenty of room to stretch.

Kindle Cover Handmade crochet in winter shade

You're really looking at a Kindle Cover that's been handmade in crochet using left over yarn.  I used medium worsted extra soft yarn.  I just purchased from Walmart.  had some left over from previous project and decided to make a Kindle cover with darker shades.  and it turned out to be perfect.  I love it.  I didn't add a latch which I usually do with my covers.  It fit snugly so I didn't think it needed a latch. 

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Nook Cover Handmade Crochet

I love it when a good pattern happens.  Could you believe that this is done in single crochet stitch?  I thought it was an original technique.  But I saw someone else on etsy using this technique.  What I mean by that is, I used two strands of medium worsted yarn, a pistachio green that's 100% cotton grown in the USA and a soft white acrylic yarn.  The handle, I used only the green cotton yarn.  I love the handles, it really helps to carry your Nook everywhere.

Handmade Crochet Nook tablet cover

Nook cover - handmade crochet

and if it fits a Nook color and a Nook tablet, it will fit a Kindle Fire tablet to.

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