Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rasta inspired over the shoulder bag.

got tired of my handbags handle dropping off my shoulder.  So I decided to make an across the shoulder handbag.  It turned out very well.  It's made out of medium worsted yarn using a G hook crochet needle.  And it's just several rows of single crochet except for the drawstring row, which is a row of double crochet and finished it with two more rows of single crochet.  The handle or strap is rows of double crochet.  I added wooden beads for the draw string.  The drawstring is just a long chain.    To give character I opt for the Rasta inspired colors of red, gold and green.  The main color is ofcourse chocolate brown.  and I love it!

Friday, January 24, 2014

My models finally arrived

By that I mean, my mannequins.  No more model dilemma.  Although I still need to throw a photoshoot.  But I love it when my craft and business takes a step up.  Bought these mannequins from  They were 2 for about $36 with free shipping and arrived about a week later.  I love 'em.  I'm thinking about buying two more to complete a wall decor.

definitely will have these display during festival set up and stuff

I'm gonna have to make some bottoms for them

Sunday, January 12, 2014

No more buttons dilemma

I thought I was prepared this holiday for my etsy shop.  Although I nearly doubled my sales during the month of December compare to last year holiday bonanza, I didn't think to stock up on my much needed buttons and beads.  I actually ran out of buttons.  Orders were pouring in and I was crocheting last minute orders and realize I ran out of buttons!!! omg!  My mug cozies did amazing.  I sold lots of them.  Last year in December (2012), I sold lots of Nook and Kindle covers.

So the holiday hectic is over and its time to stock up supplies.  And this time, I'm making a list of supplies and materials.

As you can see, I'm all stock up on buttons.  I fell in love with wooden buttons.  Because I know how destructive plastic can be on the environment, I have chosen to stick with wooden buttons.  Plus they have more character.  I buy my buttons and beads in bulk.   I'm actually waiting for more to arrive in the mail.

These are my favorite wooden buttons. I use these on my mug cozies and iphone cozies.

I crochet these cute tiny containers to organize my beads and buttons

Since my etsy shop is stock up on covers, I will be crocheting nothing but crochet halter tops and planning to adorn them with wooden beads.

Crochet Halter Top

I try to live life without regret.  But I do regret one thing.  and that is, I wish I was making these when I was younger, meaning, I wish I could still wear crochet halter top.  I'm gonna have to hit the gym more often.  So to let you know, I crochet these halter top as if I'm making them for my self.  I love seeing the combinations of colors and use of other yarn materials, from acrylic to 100% cotton.  So when you do buy any of my halter top, you know you are getting a product that's literally made with love.

The craft store "Michael" had sale on their yarn.  This chocolate brown and burnt orange one below are with their yarn, Impeccable or Impecable.  The spoon of yarn comes in 268 yds and weight 4.5 oz.   Although its 100% acrylic yarn, its really soft and easy to crochet with.  and I will definitely choose this yarn compare to Walmart Red Heart Super Saver yarn.   The Super Saver yarn is a bit stiff but perfect for crocheting covers for your Nook or Kindle or iPad devices.

I combined four yarn with this piece. and I heart the outcome.

My beads finally arrived and they are back in full force.

who doesn't love 100% cotton specially home grown US cotton.

this is another Impeccable yarn by Loops & Threads
its acrylic but its soft and perfect for halter tops.

one of my favorite beachy white with sprinkle of summer colors

another Impeccable yarn 
The only regret I have is not getting more.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crochet Hat

I made plenty of crochet hat.  These hat are geared for anytime wear. I listed them on my etsy shop.  I didn't sell any.  Once it was time to renew the listings it was winter.  So I didn't relist them.  I end up rocking 'em.  Lol!

Now, I no longer dread winter but embrace it because of my newly found crochet skills.  You probably can't tell but I'm wearing a matching scarf.  

#1 Best Seller on

#1 Best Seller on
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