Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yarn shopping at Walmart

The Yarn department at
So the prices has gone up again.  Three months ago when I began crocheting again, I bought Yarn at Walmart for $2.49 each, the RedHeart, the cheapest one I could afford to help satisfy my craving to crochet.  So, I thought that price was affordable somewhat.  And now the same yarn, the same color, the same length, but cost more.  The RedHeart Yarn is now $2.77 each. 

Luckily, I see some that's on sale for $2.00.  But some of the yarn are not the same length, they are 100 yard less or more. and usually not my typical choice of colors.  But the price was right so I grab just a few, of what I could afford. 

I'm going to post pictures of what I made with the yarn I purchased on sale.  They actually came out pretty cool.  Because I bought some that are multi colors.

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