Friday, May 8, 2015

Folding Tablet crochet cover

Yes, I know, I'm going crochet cover crazy.  But I just had to do this one.  

I was trying to get inspired for my mother's day gift to make for my dearest mother.  
I started working on these flower center granny square.

I used 3 shades of pink and gold in the center.  But I ran out of that particular white yarn.

So I started over and made 9 squares with green center and put together a cover for my folding table.

I love the outcome.  and I was so pleased with it that I rode my bicycle to Dollar Tree to get some flowers for the glass vase.  (will post more photo tomorrow).  I just had to share this with you guys.  Now I know exactly how to make my mother's afghan.  Instead of pink, I will use 3 shades of blue for the flowers.

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