Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First time using Search Ads on

So I have made a new record sale this month.  But I have almost 200 items on sale on my etsy shop.  I wanted to take advantage of the Holiday Shoppers, and I felt I needed to get more visits to my etsy shop.  I have been reluctant on using the search ads.  But because I made extra money this month, I felt I could afford to spend a few bucks on advertising.  I thought it was going to be so difficult and I thought I had to learn a whole bunch of shit.  But it was soooo freaking easy. 

I set my budget to $7.00 per week for 5,600 impressions.  So will see what that will generate.  The best thing about it, is the ability to stop or make changes to my ads at any time.  And they automatically deactivate your ads once your item is sold.  Because in this case I'm advertising a specific item and not my shop. 

will update this post with the result on a day to day. 

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