Sunday, January 12, 2014

No more buttons dilemma

I thought I was prepared this holiday for my etsy shop.  Although I nearly doubled my sales during the month of December compare to last year holiday bonanza, I didn't think to stock up on my much needed buttons and beads.  I actually ran out of buttons.  Orders were pouring in and I was crocheting last minute orders and realize I ran out of buttons!!! omg!  My mug cozies did amazing.  I sold lots of them.  Last year in December (2012), I sold lots of Nook and Kindle covers.

So the holiday hectic is over and its time to stock up supplies.  And this time, I'm making a list of supplies and materials.

As you can see, I'm all stock up on buttons.  I fell in love with wooden buttons.  Because I know how destructive plastic can be on the environment, I have chosen to stick with wooden buttons.  Plus they have more character.  I buy my buttons and beads in bulk.   I'm actually waiting for more to arrive in the mail.

These are my favorite wooden buttons. I use these on my mug cozies and iphone cozies.

I crochet these cute tiny containers to organize my beads and buttons

Since my etsy shop is stock up on covers, I will be crocheting nothing but crochet halter tops and planning to adorn them with wooden beads.

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