Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Organizing my yarn collection

Back in January of 2012, I opened my etsy shop.  My shop inventory didn't not include crochet items.  Mostly paper goods.  But through browsing etsy shops, I began to take noticed that crochet goods did really well on etsy.  So I bought a couple skein of yarn at walmart and from then on... my etsy shop blossom.  In the beginning, I was just thrilled with having the budget to buy 2-3 skein of yarn.  and then my yarn collection began growing.  I wasn't exactly sure of how to stash my yarn.  and sometimes I didn't.  I found myself shopping for yarn more and more.  As my shop grew and so did my yarn collection.  

I used the over the door shoe organizer.  which works for well for a while.  and then I used chest drawer you see below, but then it became inadequate, not enough space.

So now, this is how my stash looks

I bought these milk crate at Walmart sometime back.  I bought them for $2.50 each.  Now they cost over $5.  I was using them for miscellaneous stuff around the house.  I decided to put them together and form this shelving unit for my yarn collection.  I'm very happy with it.  I can clearly see, if I need any particular color or style.  I group my yarn based on brand, Red Heart, Impeccable, and Bernat.  I used a glass cookie jar for left over yarn and I also included my crochet books. 

the plastic bins to the left contains some of my completed project and other crochet goods.

and for more protection, I placed this sari on top of the shelving unit to help keep dust and stuff.

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