Friday, August 22, 2014

Marketing on a budget for your handmade goods

Last week, I uploaded a video showing you a couple of ways to help you market or promote your handmade goods.  If you haven't seen it, subscribe to my YouTube channel and receive notification for my latest upload.  Below is the video, for you non-subscribers.

But here is another tip, for on the budget marketing.  While surfing on, I often see a banner ad for Vista Print free 250 business cards.  So I took advantage of it finally.  You do get 250 free business cards, all you have to pay is shipping.  I ordered them on the 16th and they arrived yesterday on the 21st.  That was fast shipping for $4.99 shipping fee.  It literally only took 5 days!  I'm impressed.

I didn't upload any logo or other images.  Because that cost more and I wanted a simple business cards.  Beside, if you've watch the video above, I already have a detailed compcards or flyers, that have plenty of images of my work. So I definitely recommend for their freebies.

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