Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buford Hwy Atlanta Georgia

We visit Buford Hwy in the outskirt of Atlanta at least once per month.  Living in a small town like Macon Georgia doesn't give you much options or varieties when it comes to shopping.  And at my age, one must do what we can for our health, like increasing the varieties of vegetables we eat.  So my first stop is the Farmers Market.

Ginger from Costa Rica is less than $1 per lb.  

Typical Chinese ginger is also less than $1 per lb.  I pay 5 times that in my local grocery store. 

It is why they are called eggplant.  Because of their shape.

But you can find many eggplants here from India to Philippines.

There are isles specifically for India and other countries like Korea and etc.  But only here do I find these Henna for hair.

My cart at checkout.  

My next stop is the Herb Shop on Buford Hwy
Goji berries and golden seal root is on my list.

We grabbed lunch on our way out at the All Island Cafe Restaurant.  and I must say, they have the best curry chicken.

I wanted to add a few things to my shop.  So we checked out World of Perfumes.  I've been a loyal customer of theirs for many years.  This is their new location in Atlanta.  I have a thing for ancient culture, thus the incense and scented oils.

That concluded our trip to Atlanta.  
I was able to finished a couple of crochet dishcloth and crochet hand towel on the ride back.

car selfie

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