Friday, November 20, 2015

Lunch at the Park

We tend to take advantage beautiful days such as today.  With all the rain and gloomy days we've been getting it was nice to see the sun out.  We grabbed lunch to go from a local Caribbean restaurant and decided to eat at the Tattnal Square park.

Curry chicken meal

It was good to see the park under construction.  They are adding a fountain which reminded me of the water fountain feature in Savannah Georgia.

They also added these column at the entrance 

and I love this new organic swing.  Literally made out of just wood and ropes.

the park as usual looks tidy and well maintained. 

just another selfie at the park

afterwards, we watch the sunset and walked around the park before heading home.

entrance to the new renovated tennis court.

the Sentinel church across the street

Historic Tattnal Square Park, est. 1853

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