Friday, February 1, 2013 vs Barnes and Nobles

So I decided to sell my ebooks with and Barnes and Nobles.  and here's my take on these two giant book retailers.

First of all I bought the Nook Simple Touch and Nook Color Tablets, because I felt Barnes and Nobles have better e-readers and tablets compared to   And then I decided to launched my ebooks with both of them.
With, I have 4 e-books currently for sale and available at their site.  Last month, I sold over 140 e-books.  and I listed 3 e-books with them in December of 2012.  And I joined their KDP Program.  But by joining KDP program, I wasn't allowed to sell my ebooks anywhere else even on my very own site for 3 months.  This is why I only had 1 ebook for sale at www.BarnesAnd  I wanted to test the two website.
with Barnes and noble, I only sold 4 ebooks for the month of December and 12 for the month of January.  Although I only have two e-books for sale at Barnes Nobles, the stats are still way off compared to The month of January 2013 I sold 458 ebooks on, compare to only 12 with Barnes and Nobles.

Clearly, have way more readers.  Obviously its a no brainer to figure out the stats.  The best place to sell your e-book is

Which, got me to decide to purchase a Kindle ereader and Kindle tablet.

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