Friday, October 24, 2014

Organizing my craft room with Dollar Tree

I have been inspired by YouTube users who organize with Dollar Tree.  So I gave it a try and here are some results.

My yarn is everywhere.  On my bed, living room, chair, desk and on top of things everywhere.  They needed to be contain.  and I love what one Youtube user said:

"It's okay if you have outgrown your organization.  Change it!"  she says.  and so I did and stayed on a budget.  So check out my new yarn organization system.

I filled my 5tier shelves with these baskets from Dollar Tree to organize my yarn.  
and the the square basket I use to organize some finish goods.  and I'm a happy crocheter.  

Love these baskets because they are flexible and I can fit two per shelve.  It's hard to find specific basket to fit these shelves  and I didn't want to get the cube shelving unit.  These are less expensive and much easier to put together.

Bought some mason jars from Dollar Tree to help organize my buttons.  But I also use some recycled glass containers and salt and pepper shaker to hold my crochet hooks.

Hope this gives you ideas to help with your organization needs.

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