Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another great year with Etsy

Sometimes, I still can't believe that my crochet hobby is actually profitable.  I wanted to share with you all my stats for the last 3 years with etsy.

I began my etsy shop in Jan of 2012.  I wasn't expecting to make alot of money.  I was just giving it a try.  I was happy making an average of $100 per month.  I thought that was awesome.  Anything to supplement my income.   It was also the year quickly realize that you can make good money around Christmas or the Holiday season.  So don't wait to crochet in the fall.  Start stacking your products and goods now.

For the 2013, I was amazed that I nearly double what I made last year and my monthly average earnings were increasing.  Etsy continue to add and improve their site and I love seeing and being a part of that.  It made me appreciate etsy more.  

So for 2014, as I view my shop stats, I am thankful again for another great year with etsy.  And as you can see I almost double what I made previous year.  

If you have any questions regarding selling on etsy, let me know, and I'll do my best to share you my experience.  My email is handmadebyhaniyyah @ gmail.com 

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