Monday, February 23, 2015

How to package mug and cell phone cozies

 I am always looking for ways to neatly package my etsy items, on a budget ofcourse.  and here is one way I upgraded my packing system for my mug cozies and cell phone cozies.

and see my labeling?  I'll be posting more info about that, so make sure to follow my blog.

For the longest, I was using fold top sandwich bags.  Because they were affordable.  You can get 100 or 200 for couple of dollars.  But not too long ago, I found these 4x6 ziplock bags in the craft section of Walmart.  They come in 100 pcs for $2.00, now that is a good bargain and it will make my mug cozies look amazing in them.  

Walmart also have these self sealed 4x6, again for $2.00 but comes in 50 or less.  which is still not bad to me.  

I love sharing my techniques and would love to know how you package your items or simply share your ideas.  

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