Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Mug cozy in Red

This mug cozy pattern is the easiest to do.  Perfect for beginners in crochet.  I have a crochet pattern book that gives you step by step illustration, on how to create this simple mug cozy pattern.  Best of all you can download it on your Nook or Kindle for only $.99 cents on amazon.com or barnes and nobles. 

Barnes and Nobles

For all you expert in crochet pattern reading, here's the pattern:

12 chain
sc in 3rd chain from hook
sc in each stitch 'till end of row
*  chain 2 (counts as dc), turn and dc in each stitch (working in the back stitch)
repeat * 'till you reach the desired length.  (for standard size mug, repeat * 14 times) (or have 14 rows of dc)
loop - chain 1, (counts as sc) sc in the next 5 stitch, chain 10, slip stitch at the base of the 10 chains, continue to sc till end of row.  end of pattern

finishing touches:  add button, and secure remaining yarn to pattern. 

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#1 Best Seller on Amazon.com
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