Monday, November 10, 2014

Evolution of my yarn stash and craft area

For those of you who have been reading and following my blog, you know my yarn stash humble beginning.  I can still remember being so happy just to have a spool of yarn or two.  I'm thankful for my yarn stash and hopefully it will keep growing.  I feel that I have much to learn when it comes to crochet and yarn variations.  But I am happy and thankful where I am at this point.

So check out the growth of my yarn stash/crochet area.

In February this year, I posted this image of my yarn stash.
As you can see, it consist of a collapsible fabrick chest container, with a few spool of Red Heart and Impeccable yarn, along with some completed crochet halter top.  I was so proud of this back then.  

Posted this in July of this year. My yarn stash continue to grow along with my etsy shop.  So I needed more storage and organization needs.  I wanted to accomplish this on a very tight budget.  I used plastic milk crate that were sold at Walmart.  and here is the result.  It serve its purpose for a while.

Last month, October, posted the photo below.
But still my work was all over the house.  It's in my home office, bedroom, living room, dining room, etc..  I had to find an area just for my crochet stuff and etsy shop.  So last month, I began to try to really organize.  and was inspired by Youtube users who use Dollar Tree to organize everything.  and I gave it a try.  

This month of November.
Although I love the outcome, but I had more crochet stuff to store and yarn to stash. so I continue this process.  I bought more plastic bins and baskets.  and I bought another 5 tier shelving unit and instead of putting a whole new shelving unit,  I decided to go up and increase the height of my current shelving unit because I was out of horizontal space.  and it turned out exactly how I imagined it.  So instead of having a 5 tier shelving unit, I have a 6 tier shelving unit.  I love the outcome and will probably settle for this for a while.  So check out the update of my newly organized crochet area.

the other two shelves that were left, I turned them into a small bookshelves and placed my tv on top it.  In total I have 26 plastic bins from Dollar Tree.  

that's what I did with the left over shelving unit.  I placed it on top of this desk and placed my tv on top of it.

Glass container from Dollar Tree, I use to organize my buttons.

more buttons and things finally organized.

my shipping department. 

But to really get the idea, of the evolution of my craft area, see my previous post

and watch the video below on how it looks now.  Although it's not as fancy and I didn't spend thousand of dollars for my craft area, I am very proud of it. In total including the shelving unit, I spend only $100 bucks or less organizing my yarn stash crochet craft area.  and that takes skills.

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