Friday, December 14, 2012

My First e-Book Review

I am so thankful for this customer.  She bought my e-book on and gave me raving a review.  The review is so helpful that I know what to keep including in my e-book.

Check out her review below:
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Marylou Lynn

This book provides instructions to make a Nook/Kindle/Kobo etc cover, and information on varying the cover. The pattern itself is quite simple, all single crochet. What I love about this book were the photo illustrations for each step, and the fact that the directions are all written out (as opposed to normal crochet pattern language.) If you don't know what a slip stitch should look like, or how to start off, you will find that here. She also includes several examples at the back, so you can see what different colors and variations look like.

If you are an beginning crocheter and want to take on a nice gift idea, try this! (I am not a beginner but enjoyed the photos and examples. I know a beginner I want to share this with.)

Thank you Marylou Lynn 

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