Friday, April 24, 2015

Crochet basket for bicycle

I just bought a $350.00 bicycle.  Which left me very little for accessories.
My bike still needs:

  1. rear rack
  2. rear rack folding baskets or penniers
  3. front basket
  4. headlights
  5. mirror
  6. bell
  7. fenders
  8. kickstand
  9. lock
  10. helmet
  11. Water bottle holder

 But a good bike was more important.  Here's one way I made up for it.

I bought a basket from the Dollar Tree and crochet a cover for it.
I connected the basket to the bike using shower curtain rings and some zip ties

Another thing, I crochet these pocket to hold cell phones and etc. 

Watch the video below

My old bike had some of the accessories pre-installed
it had the bell
the rear rack
But I didn't ride it as much as I am riding this new mountain bike.
I am planning on taking it to Cherry Street cycle to get it tuned up and the brakes fix

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