Sunday, April 12, 2015

Organizing tips for your crochet area

I love how one Youtube user said, "..there's nothing wrong with changing your organization..."  I was getting frustrated, because I found my self always changing how I organized my crochet stuff.  I didn't realized that I was changing constantly, because my crochet world continue to grow and grow.  Now I don't feel so bad when I find new and better ways to organize things.

Here's some ways I stay organize.
  • Got this medium size glass cookie jar with lid from Walmart.  It cost under $8 bucks or less.  
  • Salt and pepper shaker and mug from Dollar Tree is what I used to organize my crochet hooks, scissors, pens, sharpies and rulers.  
  • A used Altoids tin can is what house my blunt needles or crochet needles.
I would love to see how you keep it neat.  Leave me a comment below with link to your site or blog.

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