Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Solid Crochet Granny Squares as coasters

What I love about crochet is, it can be both simple and practical.  Remember those Sugar n Cream 100% cotton yarn I racked up on from Dollar Tree?  Well they make awesome solid granny squares that can be use for many things such as:  dish cloth, face crubbies, oven mitts, pot holders, coasters etc.

I keep a set of these solid granny squares on my desk.  I often drink coffee and my cup tends to leave a ring on the desk.  These coasters eliminate that problem and can double as a rag.  I simply toss them in the washing machine, hang to dry and ready for use again.    You can make plenty and strategically scatter them in the house to help keep your surfaces tidy.   and because it's cotton, they absorbs liquid pretty good and are very sturdy.   

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