Friday, April 10, 2015

Kindle 7" Tablet - crochet covers

I was devastated to find out, that Barnes and Nobles discontinued their Nook tablets.  I was wondering why is there a decline in my sales for the Nook crochet covers.  I was forced to go to ebay and purchased a Kindle Tablet.  I did, but I only bought a used 1st generation Kindle 7" tablet.

It is 8GB 1st generation Kindle Tablet for almost $40.00 But I have to tell you, I am very impressed with the touch respond, because it is a touch screen.  It connects to WIFI and able to surf the internet.  I've connected my Kindle account to it and sync my library.

But the main purpose for me buying the Kindle Tablet is so I could replenish my etsy crochet covers for Kindle instead of the Nook 7 Tablet.

For $40 bucks it is not bad and I am actually happy with my purchase and do recommend a Kindle even if its an older version.  

So check out my etsy shop for new crochet covers for your Kindle.

click below for my etsy shop

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